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Rely on VOLI for your next shower set requirements. We offer complete variation, including wall mounted sets, high pressure, handheld, or built-in types.

  • Made of high-quality metals
  • Custom finished like chrome or copper
  • Convenient to use
  • Water-saving pieces

VOLI Shower Set

Shower sets are the combination of a shower hose, shower bar, and handheld/wall-mounted shower head. They are safe, customized, and very convenient combos. Perfect for shower projects, bathtub, and shower replacements.

Custom shower sets can also blend well in a variety of bathrooms, whether modern or traditional. They come with easy-to-install fittings and wall connections.

In VOLI, there are many different shower sets to choose from. You can avail of handheld sets, wall-mounted sets, filtered shower sets, and many others. All are affordable and water-saving for your applications.

Also, it comes in different surface finishes including brushed nickel, brushed gold, or chrome finish to match the space well. Aside from giving attraction to eyes, these surface finishes can also protect the material from possible rust.

We offer one-stop solutions for all your shower set requirements. Please contact us today!

Shower Set Series

Filtered Shower Set

Filtered shower set is composed of water openings, hand showers, valves, faucets, and sprinkler heads. These are easy to install and no special tools are required.

Handheld Shower Set

Handheld shower set inclusions are faucet, thermostatic systems, diverter, and shower head. It provides flexible, high pressure, comfortable, and convenient spray patterns.

High Pressure Shower Set

The high-pressure shower set supplies enough force and comfortable spray patterns. They offer controllable spray patterns, like gentle mist or rain-like patterns.

Rain Shower Fixture Set

Rain shower fixture sets provide wide coverage, relaxation, aesthetics, and excellent features. It offers rainfall spray patterns, with a showerhead around 6-12 inches wide.

Wall-Mounted Shower Set

Wall-mounted shower set is installed in the wall mount settings. It is composed of a pressure balance valve and showerheads. It offers simple and outstanding features.

Built-in Shower System

Built-in shower systems are those installed directly on the wall. It is consist of excellent parts, namely the valves, hand showers, water outlets, body sprays, and showerheads.

Custom Shower Head By Surface Finish (5)

  • Brushed Nickel

    Brushed nickel enhanced the look of shower sets. It provides a softer appearance and sophisticated finish to every shower set component.

  • Chrome Finish

    Shower sets with chrome finishes are attractive to the eyes. They are easy to clean, adjustable, and provide a comfortable showering experience.

  • Copper Finish

    Due to the antibacterial properties of copper, it is preferred for coating shower set components. This finish is also soft, corrosion-resistant, and biostatic finish.

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

    Oil rubbed bronze finish is great for shower set parts because of its durability and easier to clean. This is also the easiest to find finish than others.

  • Brushed Gold

    If elegance is required for shower sets, then brushed gold is the perfect finish option. It will make any bathroom attract attention. These are also easy to maintain.

Shower Set Features


All selections we offer are very economical without compromising the quality. They have great finishes and are offered at very economical costs.


Even exposed much to water, our custom shower sets are still protected against rust and corrosions. They remain rust-free for years of continuous use.


Our complete shower set variations are water-saving, good quality, and great looking. They are suitable for your shower relating business.


Every component included in the shower set is surface treated to provide aesthetic and appealing designs. They are affordable and water-saving.

Custom Shower Set Inclusions

There are different inclusions for shower sets. It includes a shower head, shower hose, shower bar, and shower faucet. They differ based on features, functions, and advantages.

  • Shower Head – It is commonly installed on ceilings or walls. And are used to spray water from above.
  • Shower Hose – These hoses are used to secure the shower valve to the showerheads. It is available in different lengths and offers excellent kink resistance.
  • Shower Bar –Unique type of mixer valve. It supplies both cold and hot water, producing desirable and safe water temperatures. Used to avoid slip accidents.
  • Shower Faucet –Widely used in controlling water temperature and water flow. It can save water, excellent comfort, and prevent skin burns.
How to Choose a Shower Set
Main Types of Shower Set

Main Types of Shower Set

VOLI offers two main types of shower sets: pressure-balanced and thermostatic types.

Pressure-Balanced: Our pressure-balanced shower sets enable you to control the water temperature and pressure using a single knob. As the name implies, these sets are pressure-balanced over internal sliding discs. It affects the water pressure and balances the cold & hot water flow to maintain a suitable temperature.

Thermostatic Sets: Our thermostatic shower sets provide comfort shower experience. This type offers excellent water flow, temperature, and energy savings. Thermostatics differs from a pressure-balanced shower set because it controls and senses the certain water temperatures. While the pressure balanced only controls and senses the ratio of hot water to cold. Moreover, thermostatic sets are composed of two handles – one for altering water temperatures and one to sense water flow.


When installing complete shower sets, there are two methods to prefer from: wall-mount or ceiling mount. These types both offer comfortable and relaxing shower experience. But depending on bathroom design, whether modern or traditional bathrooms. VOLI can help you choose the most suitable installation method for your shower sets.

Wall Mount: When positioned in wall mount style, the shower sets lengthen directly from the wall over arms or flange.

Ceiling Mount: When installed in ceiling mount method, the shower sets, particularly the shower heads are hung on top of head. Ceiling mount installation type is more advantageous method since it offered stable spray patterns.

About VOLI Capabilities

1- About VOLI Capabilities

VOLI is the manufacturer you can address for all your shower set requirements. If you have business or projects requiring custom sets, we can be your one-stop provider. We gain excellent skills due to our more than 20 years of wide experience.

You can avail of complete shower sets here, including showerheads, shower hose, shower faucet, and shower bar. All have competitive prices to meet your budget. And each has a specific purpose, features, and advantages. No doubt, the right sets for your applications are all in here. We can also help you determine the perfect types for you.

For all shower set issues such as flow noise, clogging, low water pressure, and flow rate issues, VOLI has full capabilities to solve them.

As a professional shower set manufacturer, we used a complete line of machines in the entire production process. We used 20 inject equipment sets, which are capable to supply 100,000 shower sets yearly.

If you need our custom shower sets or services, please contact us today.

VOLI: Shower Set Manufacturer in China

They are simple to install. Shower sets are easy to connect and remove to diverse bathroom areas. It comes with screws and bolts and a simple installation guide.

They are space-efficient. Its compact structure makes it save a lot of space and easier to install or remove. They are also easy to transfer to new bathroom space. Perfect mostly for small bathing spaces.

They are available in many designs. Since comes in many different designs, therefore can fit any bathroom design. They come in different sleek finishes, like chrome, bronze, and copper.

We used excellent quality, carefully selected materials for every shower set inclusions. Below, we show different materials that are used in a specific component.

  • Showerhead: plastic ABS, metal, solid brass, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Shower faucet body: 59-degree copper, brass
  • Shower hose: brass, copper, stainless steel, and PVC
  • Shower bar: rust-free metals like stainless steel, zinc alloys, brass
  • Shower handles: solid brass, through chrome-plated plastic and die-cast zinc

Custom Precision Shower Set Applications

Residential Bathroom

Our custom shower sets provide aesthetics looks to any residential bathroom design. These sets can simply match well in both traditional and modern bathrooms. They are also easy to transport, easy to remove, and easy to install.

Resort Shower Area

There are many types of shower sets that can blend well with the resort shower area. They are easy to install, adds elegance, and have classic looks for specific resort application.

Hotel Bathroom

Complete shower sets are available in different surface finishes to match hotel bathroom designs. They can have a brushed gold finish, brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and more.

  • “Thank you VOLI for providing us with the correct shower set variations. They are very functional, aesthetic looking, and have excellent looking. We are also satisfied with your personal assistance and services.”

  • “Choosing VOLI to assist our custom shower set requirements are really helpful for our business. They deliver the complete items safely and right on time. Their shower sets and services are highly recommended.”

  • “VOLI is really a great help in my business import needs. They provide me with the exact shower sets I require. And I’m very satisfied with the quality of all the sets I received. I can’t wait for our next transaction!”

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