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VOLI professionally manufactures and customizes various bathroom tools, including shower kits. We utilize high-quality materials for lasting service at an affordable cost.

  • Wide surface treatment options
  • Expertly provides a one-stop solution.
  • Offers cost-effective yet high-quality shower kits
  • Fully equipped factory

VOLI Shower Kits

VOLI shower kits combine various components required for installing a shower system. The features include hand showers, diverters, showerheads, and tub spouts. VOLI manufactures these kits with hassle-free and easy-to-use advantages.

Utilizing assembled shower kits prevent risks and save money and time for installation operation. VOLI professionally designs each component according to your drawing and specific details. There are various styles and configurations available to suit your particular requirements.

VOLI has an exclusive set of machines to process every component you need to complete the shower kits. We are open to wholesale and customizing such parts for your business and needs.

With our skilled team, you indeed receive satisfying assistance from choosing to delivering your bulk ordered shower kits. Feel free to contact us for more detailed shower kit needs and services!

VOLI Shower Kit Series

Modern Stainless Steel Shower Kit

The modern shower kits are made from stainless steel materials with brushed surfaces that resist rust and corrosion. This shower kit has a soft spray pattern with round shower head shapes.

Wall Mount Shower System Kit

Wall-mounted shower system kits are easy to assemble and install. They have chrome-plated finishing with hot and cold water functions. This set of showers is suitable for hotels and villas.

Thermostatic Rain Shower Kit

The thermostatic rain shower kits have slide bar faucet features and triple handles. They are designed with polished surfaces, perfect for bathroom usage. This kit doesn’t have faucet slide bars with quick assembling components.

Exposed Shower Faucet Mixer Tap Kits

The exposed shower faucet mixer tap kits are available with matte black, brushed nickel, chrome, and custom surface finishes. This shower kit completely resists corrosion.

Handheld Spray Shower Kit

Handheld spray shower kits components, like spray, hose, and holders, are customizable as requested. A wide selection of materials is available to suit your preferences. They are designed with a rain spray function.

High Grade Brass Shower Kit

The high-grade brass shower kits are installed upright. They consist of a single handle with oil-rubbed surface finishing components. This kit has a wide-top shower head and rigid valve core.

Custom Shower Kits by Material (3)

  • Brass Shower System Kit

    The shower system kit with brass body and components has corrosion resistance and durable features. Their spray head has rain, massage, jet, or soft sprat pattern. They are easy to mount to the wall.

  • Copper Shower Faucet Set

    The copper-made shower faucet set consists of a hose, handles, etc. They are easy to install and use. This set of copper shower components is usually in black colors with polished surface finishes.

  • Stainless Steel Bidet Shower Kit

    Stainless steel bidet shower kits come with a hose, sprayer, valves, and holder. They are ideal for hotels, apartments, or home applications.

VOLI Shower Kits by Types (4)

  • Digital Showers Kit

    Digital shower kits have control panels labeled with water temperature and flow rate ranges. That means you can easily adjust the suitable degree of temperature you can handle. This kit has thermostatic valves.

  • Electric Showers Kit

    The electric shower kits have versatile components that provide an instant hot shower with energy-saving offers. These electric shower systems are easy to install and have compact features.

  • Mixer Showers Kit

    The mixer shower component mixes the hot and cold water supplies. Then send them to the showerheads. These systems provide higher pressure water compared to an electric one.

  • Power Showers Kit

    The power shower system also requires a cold and hot water source, like the mixer one. The power shower system doesn’t have electric features, unlike an electric shower. They mix the water gradually from a cylinder.

Custom Shower System Advantages

Easy to Install ICON
Easy to Install

VOLI shower kit components are easy to install and set up. They are convenient for connection to the plumbing lines. This shower system is bracketed into the wall to maximize stability.

Save Water
Save Water

Using the shower system or kit will indeed save water and bills. Various types offer different water consumption advantages. The specific shower kits have adjustable temperature functions.


Installing, maintaining, and buying shower kits are more affordable than any other system. Their durability makes you save money, repair, or replacement fees over extended years.


The shower kit components are indeed customizable. VOLI professionally designed the necessary parts to enhance installation efficiency and water flow rates.

Shower Kit Components

VOLI has experienced enough designers for different custom components needed for shower systems. The following are the primary features that completed the shower kits.

  • Valves
  • Hand showers 
  • Bodysprays
  • Volume controls
  • Water outlets

The shower system you need may be with single or dual handles. VOLI assures operational temperature control to prevent an accident from unexpected water temperature flows. Contact us for more details!

Block 1
Block 2

Shower Kit Classifications

Various classifications of shower kits come with specific functions. VOLI is always ready to accommodate your desired type to suit particular applications. Choose your preference from the following listed classifications.

  • Thermostatic Shower: It has a thermostatic valve, preventing blazing, and maintaining temperature regulation.  
  • Smart Shower: This shower kit is an upgraded model of shower systems. You can install them with Alexa or phone-controlling access.
  • Manual Mixer Shower: It is the most accessible shower system to install and fit. This shower doesn’t require extreme water pressure yet supplies hot and cold water.
  • Electric Shower: This shower comes with a heating system. It only requires cold water supplies.

Please communicate with us for your requirement customizing details, and expect a quick response from VOLI!

VOLI Shower Kit Styles

VOLI provides the most accurate styles of shower kits, depending on application requirements. The following will help you decide which kind fits your area or space. They are classified into two standards the:

  • Dual Shower Kit or System

-The dual system is composed of substantial rain heads, hand showers, or tub spouts. This shower kit includes an elbow, pressure control valve, shower trim, thermostatic valve, and shower arm.

  • Three-Way Shower Kit

-The three-way system comes with a large body jet, rain head, tub spout, and hand shower. This system has a similar mechanism as dual, yet is designed with extra function and controls.

You can message VOLI for the shower kit style you need for your projects or business. We can guide you in choosing the most suitable one.

Block 3

VOLI Shower Kit Production Capabilities

Block 4
Block 5

VOLI is a fully equipped company, making them capable of customizing shower kit components. We can manufacture the requested features with various surface finishing, including polished, brushed, nickel brushed, etc. 

We guarantee well-formed and accurate parts dimensions with over a decade of manufacturing experience. So if you are looking for an expert manufacturer for your industry projects, choose VOLI. 

VOLI also provides solutions for technical problems, such as functions, flow noise, flow rates, and more. With our professional engineers and advanced machines, we assure customers satisfaction.

As a custom shower component supplier, we consider customers’ drawings and ideas during production. Depending on applications, you can request the exact dimensions of hand showers, valves, bodysprays, and other shower system features.

Don’t hesitate to message VOLI right here for assistance!

Block 6

The shower systems or kits are designed with multiple advantages. They are more versatile in their designs. Shower kit components are easy to install in the various bathrooms in any style. 

Also, they are not with one panel, making them ideal for attaching to different surfaces. Installing shower kits also give a classy bathroom appearance. They have a more traditional and simple bathroom environment.

VOLI also designs showerhead components with replaceable features. It is easy to detach and change. That allows you to replace damaged easily or rusty showerheads.

Trust VOLI custom shower kit for guaranteed, certified, and durable components!


Different components are made from various quality materials with custom surface finishes. VOLI is open to customizing feature materials as per requests. The following defines some of them.

Brass: The brass shower parts are more durable, making them not easy to break. 

Copper: Using copper material for components maintains their elegant colors. With suitable finishes, they resist rust.

Stainless Steel: The coated stainless steel materials are ideal for shower arms and flange. They feature scratch, rust, and chip resistance.

VOLI has an extensive selection of materials you desire for your bathroom shower systems. Contact us to custom your required specifications!

Custom Shower Kit for Various Applications

Shower Kit at Home

VOLI customizes various shower kit types and component necessities for residential applications. It saves water, money, and maintenance at home. Different dimensions are customized as requested.

Shower Kit for Hospitals

Various types of shower kits are manufactured to suit hospital applications. They have adjustable shower rail lengths with smooth spray patterns for patients. Shower components for hospitals are lightweight and convenient to handle.

Shower Kit for Hotels

Shower systems are in-demand for hotel project industries. It is one of the crucial parts of the room where customers relax. Most hotel hunters always make sure of good-quality and comfortable shower bathrooms.

Shower Kit Supplier
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