Angle Valve Manufacturer in China

VOLI is a manufacturer of angle valves made from copper, stainless steel, and many other high-end materials. It can guarantee excellent lubrication, durability, and tightness.

  • Fully certified by WARS, ACS, EN1112, UPC, KTW
  • Can be polished to your specifications
  • Surface finish options: platinum, brushed nickel, chrome plated, etc.
  • 5 years warranty

VOLI Angle Valves

The manually operated angle valves have an outlet and inlet ports that are vertical to each other. They are sometimes called stop valves since they can control or prevent water flow. Usually, angle valves have a twist or oval knob handle.

VOLI is a leading manufacturer of angle valves with ¼ turn handles. This handle is designed to turn off the water flow quickly, especially during an emergency. VOLI provides a wide range of angle valves with numerous features. It has elegant touch, high-degree 59 brass, and ceramic valves with 500000 cycles.

We can work with different premium materials for your custom angle valves such as copper and brass. To meet your expectations, VOLI’s wholesale angle valves can be simple, single/double handle, big size, and customize.

VOLI owns 20 sets of injection machines that produce 100,000 pcs of angle valves per day. This means we can provide your bulk orders for angle valves. Send us your inquiries now!

VOLI Angle Valves

Double Outlet Water Shutoff Angle Valve

The double outlet water shutoff angle valve is easy to install using conventional methods. They have an excellent rust preventive effect that prevents dirt.

Water Shutoff Valve with Holder

VOLI water shutoff valve with holder comes in different styles. It is available in L-shape and T-shape with various handle designs to meet your specifications.

Water Shut Off Valve

The water shut-off valve can guarantee high-quality core sealing performance. They are wear-resistant, long service life, unobstructed, and are smooth.

Hot & Cold Water Shut Off Valve

VOLI hot & cold water shut-off valve comes with special designs. It features double outlets and a double switch, designed for wall installation.

Double Switch Outlet Angle Valve

The double switch outlet angle valve is suitable for numerous toilet water plumbing. It comes with a copper finish that provides a bright appearance.

Water Outlet Valve

VOLI water outlet valve can guarantee stable quality performance and high density. It features a general connector for water plumbing purposes.

Custom Angle Valves (3)

VOLI Angle Valve Advantage

Excellent Finish
Excellent Finish

VOLI provides custom finishes such as brushed nickel, chrome-plated, stainless steel, silver, iron, platinum, bronze, brass, and so on.

High-Quality Materials
High-Quality Materials

We use the right materials to manufacture angle valves for better performance and a long life span. You can specify the materials you need.


VOLI provides custom angle valves according to your design, size, logo, and packaging. Just send us your specifications, we have professional engineers.

Quality Standard
Quality Standard

VOLI angle valves meet certifications like EN1112, UPC, ACS, WARS, KTW, and CASS 4 degree for surface treatment certifications.

Numerous Models

VOLI angle valves come with numerous models to meet different applications. Among them are needle valves, shutoff valves, stop-check valves, or check valves. VOLI provides small and large sizes, suitable for heavy processes.

Custom angle valves can have expanded outlet connections or cage-style construction. Also, they can have outlet liners to limit erosion, cavitation damage, restricted trim, or flashing. VOLI has all angle valve models to fulfill your business.

Numerous Models
Angle Valve Application

Angle Valve Application

The angle valves are used in many ways, from ships to home toilets and other industrial equipment. These devices allow the safe processing of numerous liquids, gases, and chemicals. Below are the typical applications for angle valves:

  • Autoclaves, cooling, dye mixing, ink mixing,
  • Gas and liquid
  • Air drying equipment, bottling equipment, and dispensing equipment
  • Sterilizers, pre-heating, steam distribution, and process control

Angle Valve Specifications

VOLI provides angle valves with excellent temperature resistance, good consistency, and high reliability. The following are the general specifications of the device:

  • Applicable Medium Temperature: Ranging from -40ºC ~ +150ºC
  • Working Pressure: maximum of 4.83MPa
  • Certification: UL
  • Applicable Refrigerant: R410A, R407C, R134a, and R22
Angle Valve Specifications

Choose VOLI to Custom Your Angle Valve Needs

Choose VOLI to Custom Your Angle Valve Needs
Choose VOLI to Custom Your Angle Valve Needs

VOLI angle valve is applicable for pipe connection, deep-freezing equipment, reservoirs, and compressors. It closes the inner passage through the operating valve stem. We manufacture custom angle valves to meet your specifications.

Being a leading angle valve manufacturer in China, we carefully choose the right materials. Our metallic angle valves include brass, bronze, and stainless steel. They are suitable for cryogenic applications that require high temperatures ranging from 450º to -250ºC.

VOLI has great workmanship and we used high-quality materials to ensure trouble-free service and longevity of angle valves. Being a professional manufacturer, we can cater to your custom angle valve needs.

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Our Capabilities

VOLI is a leading angle valve supplier based in Ningbo, China. We own 20 sets of injection machines which is the 4 sets are 500g heavy machines. Our capabilities allow us to produce over 100,000 pcs of high-quality angle valves per day.

We also have excellent polish machines to perform a high-quality surface finish of the angle valve. Our experienced polish team can perform brushed nickel, chrome-plated, stainless steel, platinum, silver, and many more.

Professional Services

As an angle valve manufacturer, VOLI is committed to providing the best possible services to our clients. Our production time is normally 25-30 days. We will arrange all your urgent inquiries prior to meeting your satisfaction.

VOLI provides timely assistance, responsive communication, and a high-quality angle valve at the best price. All of our angle valves are supported with a 5-year warranty. Also, we can provide special products for your urgent angle valve orders.

Our Latest Project

Water Shutoff Valve for Toilet Sprayer

The bath bidet tap uses ceramic angle valves to withstand 500000 times. It can provide smoothly open-closed and can guarantee no leakage.

Toilet Water Supply Elbow

VOLI provides a wide range of toilet water supply elbows with numerous colors such as chrome-plated, brushed nickel, and many more. You can send us your specifications for a custom toilet water supply elbow.

Toilet Wall-Mounted Supply Elbow

Our toilet wall-mounted supply elbow is available in an outstanding finish that creates an exquisite, highly reflective appearance. Due to its excellent finish, the device can guarantee long-lasting life.

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