Shower Hose Manufacturer in China

VOLI is your trusted and reliable shower hose manufacturer in China. We can provide a definite design based on the customer’s rough idea, so please let us know your requirements so that we can provide you with a definite solution.

  • Comprehensive manufacturer of high-quality shower hoses.
  • Flexible shower hose bending and stretching resistant.
  • Lightweight and does not kink.
  • Fits any standard of shower uses.

VOLI Shower Hose

A shower hose is a tube-like extension used in connecting the shower head to the shower outlet. It conserves water flows and gives easiness in reaching and cleaning some parts of the body while bathing. This shower hose is produced through metals, brasses, PVC, or stainless steels material. It may come in coiled or smooth surfaces depending on the materials used. 

Shower hoses from VOLI are initially kink-proof and leak-protected. It is made with quality, greater strength, robustness, resistance, and hard-wearing. Another thing is that shower hoses come in different measuring lengths, are easy to install, and clean. VOLI shower hose is produced in such a way that suits and benefits all bathrooms.

Product By Series

Custom Gun Matel PVC Hose Wholesale

Anti-explosion, anti-abrasion, and antibacterial properties are all features of this product. The shower pipe is composed of eco-friendly materials, is non-toxic, and has a smooth surface that makes it extremely easy to clean.

Faucet Shower Hose Wholesale

The faucet shower hose featured a high-quality double interlocking stainless steel outer tube with a Chrome finish making the hose both attractive and easy to clean. High-quality, long-lasting and high resistance to water pressure.

Pull Out Nylon Hose Wholesale

Quality assurance the nylon construction is sturdy and resilient, making it ideal for long-term use. The hose’s longevity is ensured by the use of high-quality metal and rubber. Durably made of the highest quality materials available on the market.

Customized Shower Hose with SprayHead

Versatile design the chrome finish is highly reflective, giving it a mirror-like appearance that complements any setting. Besides, it can be customized as a hand shower with a slide bar that allows you to modify the height. 

En-tighten Flexible Shower Hose Wholesale

The hose is stunning to look at and easy to clean thanks to the high-quality double interlocking stainless steel outer tube. Durable metal with a chrome finish, Universal plumbing, fits any standard shower plumbing.

Metaflex Ondus Relexa Shower Hose

A unique double lock design and a built-in waterproof washer make shower hose installation considerably easier without the use of tape. The inner core is composed of brass, so it’s flexible.

Product By Materials (3)

  • Reinforced PVC Mira Aqualisa Triton spiral Shower Hose

    The shower hose installation is made much easier by the innovative double lock design with the built-in waterproof washer. It’s very light, flexible, and doesn’t kink. It comes with washers and is simple to put together with hand tightening.

  • Techniflex Satin PVC Hose Wholesale

    The satin PVC hose wholesale delivers real flexibility and a convenient washing experience. The inner core of this shower head hose is composed of high-quality PVC material for excellent pressure and temperature resistance. 

  • PVC Techniflex Isiflex Shower Hose Wholesale

    High-temperature resistance, explosion-proof, sealing, leak-proof, high flexibility, and durability are all features of this product, which is manufactured of high-quality PVC outer tube, and PVC composite inner tube. Effectively prevents knotting and tangling.

Shower Hose By Types (3)

Product Feature Box


The shower hose is lightweight, very flexible, and not kink. which have a crack-proof and high-temperature resistance. With a multi-layer chrome finish, it’s strong, long-lasting, and resistant to water pressure.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

The solid connectors with leak-proof rubber gasket fit most shower fixtures with their 1/2″ ends, just simply screw them onto any global 1/2” interface. This shower hose works with any type of shower head.

Durable and Rustles
Durable and Rustles

The shower hose is made from different materials like PVC, metal, etc. That makes it durable and rustles. High-quality material for excellent pressure and temperature resistance. It’s light, flexible, and won’t kink.

Custom Design
Custom Design

A shower head hose is ideal for adults, kids, and pets bathing. Offers mobility for assisted or seated showers. VOLI support team is available to help with any shower hose customization at a competitive price.

Choosing Shower Hose

A shower hose considers one of the necessary kits for bathrooms. This improves the showering and cleaning experience. Below are the different aspects that need to take into while choosing the right shower hose:

Length. The shower hose is available in different length options. Choosing the right size must also reflect the position of the shower, whether it is over your bath or in its cubicle. 

Compatibility. The shower hose must be well-matched to the sizes of the shower and the shower outlet. This is necessary for ease of installation and connections. 

Materials. Both metal and PVC shower hose is the best option for robustness and durability. It ensures it stands for the longest time and does not leak easily. 

Designs. The shower hose comes with a chrome or metal coil finish. Some of it has shiny looks that create timeless and visual highlights to bathrooms. 

Choosing Shower Hose
Shower Hose

Shower Hose Advantages

The shower hose is manufactured with unsurpassed authenticity and value. It holds more extended advantages such as:

  • Makes it possible to detach the shower head from the wall and hold it in hand.
  • It is highly convenient, making it easy to clean yourself and spray the entire body. 
  • Extremely flexible, which can be extended and connected to bathtubs and sinks.
  • Reliable for being rust-resistant and well-constructed.
  • It comes in many different size ranges and is made with double locks for multiple protection.

Shower Hose Strict Quality Control

VOLI shower hose is in-demand worldwide. As an expert manufacturer, we ensure that our products are quality approved and tested. We use different manufacturing strategies for shower hoses that adhere to the safety production measures and standards. After the entire production, we will test its quality by undergoing central examination and inspections in our testing laboratories and machines before thoroughly distributing it to designated markets.   

The shower hoses are compliant with WARS, NSF, ACS, UPC, KTW, and other worldwide certifications. If you have further needs and requests, do not hesitate to send us a message. 

Shower Hose

Why Choose VOLI For Shower Hose

Why Choose VOLI For Shower Hose
Why Choose VOLI For Shower Hose

VOLI is acknowledged as the leading expert manufacturer of shower hoses in China. Since the beginning, we have consistently dealt with our core mission and vision to serve our clients at all costs. We establish in producing shower hoses with its high development and innovations. 

Our shower hose is advantageous in different aspects. It improves your personal hygiene and cleanliness. Plus, the shower hose is available in 100,000+ meters; it is made with bright surfaces, spotless, and thick layers. 

VOLI can record more than 100,000pcs fully-finished shower hoses in different variations and qualities by utilizing the most advanced inject machines. Complete customization for all shower hoses is 24/7 available on hand. You can also send us your request for what shower hose types you are interested in, and we guarantee to give you the best assistance.

If you are running a shower kit business, choose VOLI as your manufacturer and supplier. 20+ countries from different continents who trust VOLI for our products and services. Like them, you can also experience the most successful business if you have VOLI. 

Shower Hose Materials

VOLI shower hose is produced out of different materials. Each material has its identified qualities and advantages that are different from others. As a leading manufacturer, our responsibility is to create shower hoses with suitable materials that ensure their persistent working performance and life span. 

Metals. It means that the shower hose is generally made of brass, steel, or stainless steel that often features high strength, resistance, extreme sturdiness, and a stylish surface finish. 

PVC/Plastics. The PVC shower hose is strong, easy to maintain, and extremely hygienic. It does not scratch other bathroom kits and has traction protection. 

Shower Hose Installation Process

The shower hose can be installed in the most straightforward procedures. These are the following steps on how to correctly installs the shower hose:

  • Get the shower hose and insert the washer into the joint.
  • Attach it to the shower outlet securely.
  • Insert the other washer and;
  • Attach the showerhead to the shower hose.

Proper installation ensures shower hoses’ continuous functions, safety, and longevity. For further hints and tips, reach out to VOLI. Each set of our shower hoses has a corresponding installation guide and manuals.  

Shower Hose for Various Applications

Stainless Steel Replacement Shower Hose

Polished stainless steel twin buckle with anti-knot inner core on one end and regular inner core on the other. The surface has a double coating that is flexible and anti-twist, with high tensile and bending strength and the ability to rotate freely.

PVC Smooth Shower Hose

PVC Smooth Shower Hose Flexible anti-winding high-pressure thickening handheld shower hose for bath parts accessories. Environmentally friendly material, brass interface, anti-winding, five-layer protection, universal connector. 

Flexible Shower Hoses

A nice and practical option for those with the need for longer reaches from the shower head to the valve. For enhanced performance, the flexible shower hose is bending and stretching resistant, with an upgraded leakproof structure.

VOLI Shower Hose Manufacturer in China
VOLI Shower Hose Manufacturer in China

VOLI, China’s expert shower hose manufacturer, has gotten positive feedback from customers all over the world, including in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other places. We also have a mechanism in place to ensure that the shower hose is in good working order.

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