Faucet Manufacturer & Shower
Head Supplier
25 years Professional Experience in the Bathroom
Showers, Faucets , Valves and PVC Hose
Faucet Manufacturer & Shower
Head Supplier
25 years Professional Experience in the Bathroom
Showers, Faucets , Valves and PVC Hose
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You Search for the Need and We're Response for the Quality

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For 20+ years, VOLI has been concentrating on designing and manufacturing different types of Faucet ,including kind of kitchen faucet ,lavatory  sink faucet ,basin faucet ,shower and bath faucet ,and other relative parts like bathroom showers, shower hands, shower heads, shower hoses, bidet sprayers, shower sets and etc. Our Faucets are highly on-demand in all prestigious markets worldwide, specifically in the Middle East, Europe, and America. It guarantees quality assurance and value cost, perfect for all wholesale and retail businesses. 

After spending decades in this industry, VOLI is an expert in providing customer services and assistance. Our pure dedication leads to building solid relationships with many factories and trading companies. VOLI offers high-level products that are entirely inspected and approved by experts. We customize the products according to your unique requirements to meet your standard. 

Our Collaborators

VOLI shower manufacturer has raised powerful partnerships with highly esteemed shower brands and companies, such as ARROW, GROHE, JOMOO, MOEN, TOTO, Lidle, Delta, Kohler, and more. 

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Our Services and Products

VOLI can manufacture near thousand of Faucet  products with several customization standards and features. With our 25 years in this industry, we never fail to provide professional one-stop services from initial designs and complete production. Choose VOLI as your Faucet manufacturer and supplier. We can create the best team-up in achieving the most successful business. 

Below are some of our company’s best-selling products. You can also tell us what qualities of product you are looking for!

The Advantages of Our Company

Trusted by International Companies
VOLI Faucet manufacturer has been partnered with the most reputable companies in the sanitary ware industry, namely, the JOMOO, ARROW, Lidle, TOTO, Kohler, etc. Moreover, a wide range of our wholesale Kitchen and bathroom faucets are also best-selling on Amazon.
VOLI is dedicated to providing quality-satisfied products at the lowest cost, including OEM and customized products. At VOLI, you can find the right product priced lower than other companies. Each wholesale and retail purchase is offered at the most reasonable discount for all businesses.
Quality-Assured Products
VOLI ensures that all products are of a qualified level of quality and have inflated functionality. We use the highest precision CNC machine, injection machine, and injection machine, along with the highly automated procedures for all bathroom shower products. VOLI provides a five to ten years warranty for all manufactured products as your reputable manufacturer.
Technical Support
In 25 years of development, the VOLI factory set up the most automated mold workshops. It plays a vital role in the fastest production of products. Our technical team has remarkable intelligence to resolve 90% of common problems with showers and faucets. Just send us your draft ideas and drawings, and we can give you the best product.
Strict Management
VOLI is a manufacturing company approved entirely by the ISO9001:2008 System in 2009. Furthermore, all manufactured products hold international certifications such as KYW, ACS, EN1113, WARS, KTW, UPC, etc. If you still needing for a specific certification, allows us to know so that we can cooperate immediately.
Latest and Trendy Products
VOLI faucets and showers are durable and highly convenient for daily use. It comes with the sturdiest materials and builds to last. However, we offer an extensive selection of bespoke products that promote public health and safety, and are well-functional for the most trendy happenings in society, especially amid pandemics.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Creating and maintaining long-term relationships that are based on trust.
  • Voli shower manufacturer has been our longest and most trusted shower head supplier for 6 years; I always visit their factory after Canton Fair and discuss the shower head material, technology, and package, etc., and it all goes off without a hitch! We both get so much out of our communication, and I strongly believe their factory will expand in the near future!

  • The Silver PVC Bidet hose can bear 60 par water pressure, it’s great to work! We’re very satisfied with your shower hose quality and your excellent service, and I’m looking forward to receiving our next order!

    Nouriel Roubini
  • The excellent quality offered by the Voli shower head manufacturer always makes me feel assured, and I like to cooperate with them! I will order faucets for my business always with them.

    Edgar Lasevich
  • Voli shower manufacturer’s service is very professional and efficient; they managed a 20 feet container with 5 items in 2 weeks, even with Chinese New Year approaching!” Good job Alica, thanks – you did me a massive favor!

    Kira Otaku
  • When I need showers, I will always ask Voli shower manufacturer first, as their high quality and excellent service make the business so much easier. I often introduce Voli shower manufacturer to my other distributors and they’re equally impressed!

    Rafit Akchurin
  • Voli shower manufacturer always operates extremely thoughtfully, especially the boss, who often made professional suggestions and provided excellent support for my product development, They can solve any technological problem!

    Salih Küçük
  • We have been working with Voli shower manufacturer for many years when they were a small factory, Now they have developed to a trading company with their own factory, and any products I need I can easily find!


Design Your Bathroom with Voli‘s Faucets and Shower !

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