The Brass Options

VOLI’s shower column( the tube ), faucet, valves, shower hose’ nut, some style of bidet sprayer ( shattaf) will use the brass while the brass has so many degrees, H57, H57-3, H59, H61, and H62.
These 5 degrees brass are widely used in the sanitary ware products some small factory normally use the H57/H59 brass for the faucet and other brass products for sanitary ware to save cost , while the big factory/ brand company adopt the high degree H61/H62 as their main brass material since the higher degree the more brass contain.
Voli uses the low degree like H57-3 brass for parts like the shower hose’ nut and insert, but most used is H61 and H62, for most of our brass products like the tube of shower column, faucet, valve, and some role parts.
Voli also offers the leadless brass to reach the food grade, which is important for getting some important certifications.

stainless steel

The Stainless Steel Options

Stainless steel’s advantage is much stronger than brass and meantime no lead, so some markets prefer to use the SS Products.
VOLI has a SUS shower head, SUS spray surface, SS Shower hose, SS tubes for shower set, and some shapes of faucets but due to the hard metal, the SS can’t make all shapes as much as brass, so the SS Products are limited.

The ABS Plastic Options

The ABS plastic was widely used in the sanitary ware products like a showerhead, spray heads, and shower parts
depending on the advantage of cheap, light, and heat production.
Plastic including ABS,PP,PVC,POM,Polipropileno, manufacturers will use them in different parts according to their characteristics.
Voli use the new degree ABS for most shower head and spray head’s body, use the POM for inner parts which will be passed by water, such products can reach KTW Standard.

The ABS Plastic Options
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