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VOLI supplies different models and designs of shower filters to meet clients’ needs. Our series of shower filters are designed to withstand the harshest sediments.

  • Stand-up against chlorine
  • Purifies water
  • Consistent water-pressure
  • Customize designs, logo, and packaging

VOLI Shower Filter

A water filtration system, shower filter, is designed to protect hair and skin from irritation and dryness. The filter can prevent chloramine and chlorine from the water, which can cause hair and skin agitating. Thus, a shower filter is the best addition to every home.

VOLI shower filter is designed to maintain household water pressure. However, we can design different models with special low pressure for suboptimal water pressure.

At VOLI, there are numerous designs and styles of a custom shower filter to match existing bathroom appliances. They are available in metallic finishes and other colors that match with showerhead and bathroom tile.

VOLI provides a one-stop solution for all your shower filter needs. Message us now!

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VOLI Shower Filters

10-Stage Shower Filter

The 10-stage shower filter comes with different filter materials such as KDF 55, activated carbon, biocera ceramic balls, medical stone, and many more.

15-Stage Shower Filter

The 15-stage shower filter is suitable for household purposes. It is easy to install, ISO certified, and removes chlorine, bacteria, and impurities.

Vitamin C Purification Filter

VOLI vitamin c shower filter is fashionable, simple style, easy to install, and worry-free use. It comes with lemon aroma and VC ceramic balls.

Ionic Charcoal Shower Filtration

The ionic charcoal shower filtration is ideal for water-saving hand head shower use. It is easy to install and comes in different sizes.

3-Stage Shower Filter

VOLI 3-stage shower filter can guarantee a high-quality dichlorination filter. Its filter material is added inside and can guarantee comfortable water flow.

15-Stage Shower Filter

The 15-stage shower filter has micro-porous PP cotton that removes dust, small sediments, chlorine, heavy metals, and turpitudes from water.

Shower Filter By Features (5)

VOLI Shower Filter Advantage

long life span
Long Lifespan

VOLI shower filters can last for up to 30,000 gallons or 6-9 months on average. We also choose the right materials and excellent finish for durability.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

The filters are designed for easy installation. You just snap it and turn the shower. VOLI provides a custom shower filter with many benefits.

Lower Costs
Lower Costs

Switch between a water conservation mode and a constant pressure mode through the dual-flow shower head. Users can save money in this way.


This filter is a cost-effective solution to health and aesthetic concerns in every shower. VOLI produce different designs of a shower filter to meet your satisfaction.


VOLI’s premium line of shower filters performs unique treatment stages:

  • Zinc and Copper Oxidation Media: during this stage, our team uses copper and zinc elements to limit chlorine at a rate of 96%.
  • GAC Carbon Media: To treat water impurities, VOLI uses carbon filtration. It will trap chloramines, unpleasant odors, and synthetic chemicals to produce a relaxing, energize shower.
  • Far-Infrared Balls: The final treatment for the VOLI shower filter is to put far-infrared emitting volcanic media. This media reduces the surface tension of the water which provides a softer feeling to skin and hair.


VOLI has rich experience in designing high-quality shower filters. Due to its visibility when installed, we make it more aesthetic to match different showers. VOLI shower filter will surely match the functionality and color of every showerhead.

The design has a big impact on performance. That’s why we use upflow system to reduce media clogging and channeling. For superior filtration, upflow design will expand water contact time at an excellent flow rate.


VOLI manufactures shower filters that are suitable for any need. You can choose from our shower filter with showerhead, without showerhead, and with the wand. These could bring a lot of benefits such as reducing flakiness, dryness, and unpleasant odors.

For a custom shower filter, please specify your requirements including the material, design, logo, and features. VOLI provides a one-stop solution for all your shower filter needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us now!


More About VOLI Shower Filter

More About VOLI Shower Filter
More About VOLI Shower Filter

VOLI has rich experience in designing, marketing, and production of shower filters. Our standard shower filters are rated for use between 20-100PSI pressure range. However, clients are treated with special low-pressure designs of a shower filter to meet their needs.

VOLI follows strict quality control in every production process. This could guarantee a defect-free, long-lasting, and high-performance shower filter.

To supply your bulk orders, VOLI owns high-end manufacturing equipment that allows us to produce over 100,000 pcs of shower filter per day. Besides, VOLI can cater mini orders to support small businesses.

Whether you are a newbie or long time in the business industry, you can trust our products and services. We provide free samples for you to test our quality.

Shower Filter Benefits

VOLI can customize the shower filters according to our client’s specifications. This system is manufactured with many features that bring limitless benefits to end-users. For instance, the shower filter features a 12-stage filtration process. It becomes a top choice for neutralizing odors and eliminating chemicals in the water.

VOLI is an expert in designing shower filter that filters dirt, pesticides, chlorine, rust, heavy metals, iron, lead, and many more. We also provide various filter types such as activated coconut carbon, KDF55, calcium sulfite, colloidal silver, etc.

Strict Quality Control

With our advanced manufacturing facility, VOLI can fully customize the shower filter without compromising the quality. We ensure every process meets quality standards and tests, from material selection, shower filter production to shipping. In fact, VOLI shower filters are compliant with KTW, UPC, ACS, WARS, and NSF.

Our team is consisting of highly skilled and professional engineers and designers. Our facility has 20 sets of injection machines for mass production. You can send us your inquiries to assist with your shower filter needs. VOLI can support your needs through our 24/7 operation.

Shower Filter Application

Shower Filter for Hard Water

VOLI provides numerous shower filters for hard water application. It can guarantee 12000 gallons or 6 months average of filtration life depending on water quality.

Shower Head Filter Cartridge for Water Filtering

The shower head filter cartridge for water filtering features a high output universal shower filter. It is exclusively designed for health. Can guarantee efficient filtration, extra cartridge, and fashionable.

Shower Filter for Rust and Chlorine

The shower filter for rust and chlorine has a total water purification of 5 tons and 5 LPM water purification ability. We have different models of shower filters for rust and chlorine.

Shower Filter for Bathroom

VOLI provides a wide range of shower filters suitable for bathroom and shower uses. We can customize your shower filter according to your specifications.

Shower Filter for Healthy Shower

Our high-quality shower filter for healthy showers can last up to 6-8 months. It is easy to install and can guarantee to removal of chlorine and heavy metals.

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  • Excellent shower filter that removes harmful substances effectively. VOLI is highly recommended to manufacture shower filter

  • The product arrived on time. I really appreciate their professionalism and excellent customer service. Will order again.

  • The shower filter is amazing for well water. I bought a shower filter from VOLI before, and now I buy it again. There’s no notable difference. We will stick with this filtration system from VOLI.

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