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VOLI reliably supplies custom or wholesale bidet sprayers worldwide. We can include your design and ideas during the production. With our expert team and functional equipment, we indeed satisfy your desires.

  • Uses accurate and high-quality materials
  • Over a decade of manufacturing experience
  • Professionally customize specifications
  • Provides one-stop manufacturing services

VOLI Custom Bidet Sprayer

The VOLI bidet sprayer has come from diversified configurations and features to meet distinct needs and demands for over a decade. All the bidet options shared the same purpose and proved more hygienic by many worldwide.

Most of the bidet sprayer styles differ primarily based on specific applications. The VOLI bidet sprayer possesses advanced features. The spray nozzle or bidet faucet works the same way as a typical faucet. Additionally, it is composed of quality materials.

The hose directly connects to your internal plumbing or water supply, which means the user can adjust the water temperature (hot or cold) that suits their liking. Water pressure depends on how hard the user pushes the lever.

The VOLI bidet sprayer is open for customization and renders an easy installation process. Due to its accessibility, the majority of the users favored the bidet sprayer. Also, it comes at a monetary price, budget-friendly for newbies.

For inquiries, drop us an email now. We will be delighted to accommodate your concerns and fulfill your distinct needs.

VOLI Bidet Sprayer Series

Germany Design Bidet Sprayer Wholesale

The bidet sprayer with a German design doesn’t need to press the level all the time. By sliding the switch upward, the sprayer will turn on. Setting it higher will also get more water pressure.

Baby Diaper Sprayer Wholesale

The baby diaper sprayers are perfectly screwed into the bathrooms. They feature rain spray functions. These sprays have a modern design with unique shower heads and handles.

Custom Shattaf Sprayer Wholesale

The shattaf sprayers are available wholesale at an affordable cost. They are also called toilet showers. These sprayers are accessible in various colors, sizes, and surface finishing options, depending on your choice.

Toilet Shattaf Wholesales

Various toilet shattaf come with different types, colors, and installation styles. They are perfect for businesses with a wide selection of customers. VOLI provides quality and in-demand toilet shattaf.

New Shattaf Sprayer Wholesales

The modern shattaf sprayers are hygienic items, ideal for cleaning private parts, removing residues from toilets, and dirty diapers.

Custom Shattaf Wholesale

VOLI customized different types of shattaf for wholesale purchasing. You can request what is in demand for your business or projects. Depending on the choice, shattaf specifications are customizable.

Bidet Shattaf Toilet Sprayer Wholesales

The bidet shattaf toilet sprayers are made from POM plastic with a hygienic and durable spray head. They are lightweight and compact with fitted finger handles.

Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer Wholesales

Baby cloth diaper sprayers are clean, perfect for baby clothes and privacy cleaning functions. You can request different types with various colors for wholesale orders.

Classical Shattaf Wholesales

The classical shattaf sprayers have a double lock system. They are designed with leakproof, anti-corrosion, and durable features. You can use them for personal body care, pet bathing, etc.

VOLI Bidet Sprayer by Applications (4)

  • Bathroom Jet Spray Muslim Shattaf for Lavatory

    The jet spray Muslim shattaf, especially for lavatory bathrooms, has easy press levers. They provide higher pressure of water than ordinary showers. These jet sprays are also multifunctional.

  • Smart Bidet Sprayer for Bathroom

    Smart bidet sprayers for bathrooms are designed with comfortable and anti-slip handles. They are easy to attach and help save water. These bidet sprayers are also suitable for garden watering and pet bathing.

  • Smart Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

    The smart bidet sprayer for toilets features corrosion resistance, is easy to operate and has extreme pressure resistance capability. They are ideal for personal hygiene, pet showers, garden cleaning, etc. Their materials and styles are customizable as requested.

  • Custom Bidet Sprayer for Bathroom

    The bathroom customized bidet sprayers have high strength and heat resistance features. They have self-clean silicone nozzles, making them easy to wipe and operate.

VOLI Custom Bidet Sprayers (4)

  • Flow Control Bidet Sprayer

    Flow control bidet sprayer features elegant looks with ruggedly desirable surfaces. They are suitable for commercial, bar, or home applications. These sprayers are usually made from brass yet are customizable.

  • Custom Bidet Shattaf Sprayer

    VOLI customizes the bidet shattaf sprayer according to customers’ requirements. They are available in various materials, like ABS, making them more durable, eco-friendly, and healthy.

  • Custom Toilet Sprayer

    Custom toilet sprayers have delicate and soft nozzles that help save water. Their high-quality material composition with smooth handles makes them durable and last for a long time.

  • Bidet Sprayer with Hanger

    The bidet sprayers with a hanger are made from durable stainless steel materials. They have smooth and comfortable handles that are easy to grasp and hold. These sprayers come with a hanger, making them secure.

VOLI Bidet Sprayer Advantages


The bidet sprayers are more hygienic compared to toilet paper. It helps decrease urine bacteria amounts. Cleaning with soap and water is more advisable than simply wiping using paper.

Environment Friendly
Environment Friendly

Using bidet sprayers means reducing cutting trees for toilet paper. That has a tremendous impact on the environment. VOLI also uses eco-friendly materials during the process and production.


VOLI assures high durable-made materials producing bidet sprayers. They indeed last for extended years and save money. You can also install them easily without damaging them.

Convenient & Faster

Utilizing a bidet can rapidly and easily clean the area. You can spend less time cleaning than wiping using toilet paper. This item is in-demand due to its convenient advantages.

VOLI Bidet Sprayer Options

VOLI provides the suitable bidet sprayer type according to your needs. The following defines some of the options.

  • Freestanding: This bidet type has a traditional design. It looks like a low and massive sink with rising water to the bowls’ surface.
  • Built-In: It has automatic dispense water that cleanses you after toilet flushing.
  • Handheld: This is a nozzle that permanently connects to the toilet. Since it is handheld, you can manage the positions while streaming water.
  • Travel Bidet: It is convenient to bring even travels. This bidet looks like the size of a water bottle with a long, thin cap-easy to squeeze to squirt water.

Contact us for customizing your desired bidet specifications!

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Custom Bidet Sprayer Finishes

Various bidet sprayers come with different finishes preferences. You can request VOLI to customize your desired surface treatment to suit particular applications and needs. The following are some selections.

  • Chrome
  • Oil Rubbed
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Matte Black
  • Warm copper
  • more

We ensure a satisfying finished bidet and adequately manufactured according to your requested details or drawings.

Bidet Sprayer Material Options

VOLI has expert workers using upgraded machines to produce custom bidet sprayers with multiple materials. Depending on your applications and choice, you can choose from the most suitable materials below.

  • Brass: The brass-made bidet sprayers are rust-resistant and easy to maintain. 
  • Stainless Steel: This material makes the bidet feature higher condition and lasting quality than aluminum.
  • ABS Plastic: The ABS plastic has a lighter weight, making it easy to install and handle.
  • Copper: The copper-made bidets feature durability, corrosion-resistant, and hygienic properties.

Feel free to communicate with us for more requirement details and assistance!


Choose VOLI to Custom Your Bidet Sprayer

Custom 1
Custom 2

The VOLI bidet sprayer is a versatile product used in various applications. It is a decent alternative to typical toilet paper. Consequently, it undergoes advanced engineering to be more sanitary at an affordable price.

Aside from that, the VOLI bidet sprayer comes with its salient set of advantages making your bathroom more sanitary. Plus, bidets give ample water and function well with an antibacterial soap bar.

The said product comes from top-quality materials that render durability and sturdy configuration. It can withstand varying water pressure and not leak, allowing long service life in application. The different bidet sprayer style provides ease in maintenance and installation.

In VOLI, customization of your bidet sprayer is available at hand. Please choose from our comprehensive bidet sprayer options that suit your favored application. Our employed workers are experts and professionals that have honed to regard every produced product quality.

For an enhanced bathroom experience, consider investing in a decent and functional bidet sprayer. VOLI is available anytime to cater to all your queries. Send us an email now!

How to Use

VOLI happily provides different types of bidet sprayers with assistance on using them, their functions, and their advantages. The following are some provided tips on how to utilize such convenient tools.

  • Check the water jet’s direction, for preparation, before using it.
  • Clean off the bidet using toilet papers
  • Ensure all clothing items are fixed before switching on the jets.
  • To achieve excellent bidet attachment, close the T-valve after use. That prevents leakages.

Tell us your applications, and we can assist you with the proper types and procedures for utilizing them.

Installation 2

VOLI bidet sprayer comes with different installation procedures. The following is an example of installing a handheld bidet sprayer. 

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Detach the hose from the valve
  • Attach the T-valve to the fill valve
  • Connect the hose with the water supply into the valve
  • Finally, attach the bidet spray to the T-valve

VOLI can provide proper installation assistance and manuals with whatever type of bidet it is. Don’t hesitate to contact us here right now!

OEM & ODM VOLI Bidet Sprayer Types and Applications

Application 1

The handheld type bidet for toilet seats is mounted to the floor. They have a vertical spray type and are usually made from stainless steel materials. This bidet has adjustable water pressure.

Application 2

Portable toilet shattaf bidet sprayers are available in black, white, golden, and nickel colors. They have pushed the switch and square shape features. This shattaf bidet is chrome plated to resist rust.

Application 3

The brushed nickel bidet sprayers for bathrooms are installed on the wall. They have a contemporary design with single-hole faucet tapping. This bathroom bidet sprayer has a horizontal spray type.

VOLI - Professional Bidet Sprayer Manufacturer in China

Expertly solves various technical problems, including flow rates, noise, functions, etc. Provides accurate bidet sprayer types worldwide, according to queries or ideas. And ensure protected packaging.

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  • “Finally received my ordered wholesale bidet sprayers, delivered without damages and affordable.”

  • “Will indeed trust VOLI again for customizing my needed bathroom bidet sprayer for my next project.”

  • “Thank you, VOLI, for providing my desired handheld bidet sprayer, and it was so worth it trusting you!”

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