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VOLI provides shower head with custom designs. We offer designs such as heated electric shower head, hand held, high/low pressure shower head, and more.

  • Offer custom shower heads in bulk
  • Available in brushed nickel finish, oil rubbed bronze, copper, etc
  • Spray patterns including power massage, waterfall mist, and rainfall shower
  • Adjustable and ultra-wide coverage

VOLI Shower Head

Shower head, also known as an adjustable shower head, is used to scatter water from above. It is commonly installed in the bathroom for an amazing shower experience. These also use less water, therefore can save money. In VOLI, you can find many types of shower heads divided into different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Here, we guarantee to manufacture handheld or unmovable shower heads based on your specifications. We can even print your custom logo on them. Also, we offer custom finishes such as brushed nickel, polished chrome, polished brass, and more options. These make the shower head become more attractive and rust-protected.

If you have business or projects that require shower heads, choose VOLI. All our designs have good quality and 5 years warranty. Please send us your inquiries!

Shower Head Series

Big Flow Shower Hand

Featuring 2.5 GPM water flows. This ensures a comfortable showering experience. It also offers wide coverage for all body contact.

Hand Shower Heads

Hand shower hand offer elegant square figures to match any bathroom decor. It is made of POM and ABS materials.

Overhead Shower

The overhead shower is made from POM material. It is healthy material, which means it provides drinkable water.

Ultra Slim Shower Head

Ultra-slim shower head only has a 2mm thickness. It delivers an elegant appearance, easy to clean, and not irritable on human skin.

High Pressure Shower Head

The high pressure shower head is made of ABS material. It often has 5 inch surface size and improved shower pressure.

5 Sprayers Shower Hand

Featuring a vast surface with 5 spray systems. It is great for providing high water pressure -approximately 2.5GPM flow rate.

Custom Shower Head By Spray Pattern (5)

  • Normal Spray

    Normal spray guarantees an incredible shower experience. It is made with a good pressure balance and water flow.

  • Rainfall Shower

    The rain shower is a spray pattern that is often preferred in hotel bathrooms. They supply good water pressure.

  • Waterfall Mist

    Showerheads with a waterfall mist pattern are perfect when mounted on the wall/ceiling. It offers soaking-like spray results.

  • Power Massage

    Power massage is excellent shower pattern with different settings that control the water pressure/flows. It typically has 5 to 9 settings.

  • Jet Spray

    Jetted shower spray offers a fountain-like shower experience. It features 2-spray jets that provide relaxing and comfortable spray.

Custom Shower Head By Types (5)

  • Handheld Head

    The handheld shower head features a flexible hose connection –commonly with 8-foot hose. It is movable and can be controlled while holding.

  • Rain Shower Head

    Rain shower head is installed directly at an angle or overhead. Its neck is flexible and can be adjusted to almost any location. They have good water pressure.

  • Heated Electric

    Installing a heated electric type will need an electrical connection and a cold water reservoir. The moment you power it on, it provides safe hot water.

  • Dual Shower Head

    The benefit of dual shower heads is that they provide extra convenient bathing. Plus, they are easier and faster to install. Available in brushed nickel polish.

  • Filtered Shower Heads

    Filtered shower heads come in different designs and sizes to fit your existing unit. Using them can decrease the chlorine presence, sulfur, and other contaminants.

Shower Head Features


VOLI offers custom shower heads with excellent adjustability. They can be adjusted to any head height and are very flexible.


We offer removable shower heads suitable for bathroom additions. Having this design allows reaching the feet and back.


All our shower heads are made durable and corrosion-resistant. The materials used are also unbreakable and rust-free.


We produce shower heads that are made to order. We offer custom designs, shapes, and sizes based on your requirements.


Ceiling Mount: It means that the shower heads are hung right over the head. This installation style allowed stable water flow through the body.

Wall Mount: When installed in wall mount style, the shower heads expand directly from the wall through a flange or arms. There are three types of arm styles – offset, extended, and standard.

  • Offset –Offset shower arms supply extra head allowance while bathing. It curves upward and extends over from the wall.
  • Standard –Standard arms have a simple structure that lengthens from the wall. It also brings exceptional fit to any space.
  • Extended –Extended shower arms usually provides rainfall effect showering.


The shower head shapes can identify whether the shower matches well with modern, transitional, or classic bathrooms. Different shapes include oval & round, rectangular & square, and irregular forms.

Oval & Round –Oval and round shower heads are the most functional and versatile. Depending on the design, they can have classic or stylish patterns.

Irregular Forms –Custom irregular shower heads bring visual appeal to the bathroom and any projects. Irregular forms include trumpet shapes and cylindrical.

Rectangular & Square –These shapes provide clean lines, making them perfect for modern bathrooms. Most squared or rectangular-shaped heads offer an excellent rainfall experience.


Custom shower heads are made either from brass, stainless steel, or porcelain. They are also finished with brushed nickel, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, polished nickel, stainless steel, and chrome. These can add protection while giving aesthetic looks.

Brass: Because of its strength, they become the preferred material for shower heads. This is a metal that withstands corrosion and rust.

Porcelain: This material is a great choice and is mostly installed in classic bathrooms.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel is simple to clean and low maintenance material. It normally resists rusting and stains. It is also lightweight, making them simplify the installation.


About VOLI Capabilities

(2) About VOLI Capabilities
(1) About VOLI Capabilities

If you are working in the shower industry, choose VOLI as your manufacturer. You can address us for all your custom shower heads requirements. We have more than 20 years of experience. Therefore, we are experienced enough to handle your specific needs.

We offer complete variations of shower heads, from heated electric types, dual designs, or handheld, VOLI has it all! We guarantee we can provide the right type according to your applications.

However, if a sudden technology issue occurs, we have full capabilities to solve them all. Especially when it is about flow rate issues, flow noise, clogging, and low water pressure, we know how to solve them professionally.

As a custom shower head supplier in China, we used complete production machines in the product development. We are equipped with 20 inject machine sets, which have the capacity to produce over 100,000 pieces.

Here, all customized shower heads are EN1112 certified, WARS, UPC, KTW, and ACS. We ensure good quality and durable shower heads.

VOLI: Shower Head Supplier in China


We manufacture shower heads with assorted nozzle designs. Each has a different aesthetic look, features, and designs. Involved nozzle types are flat nozzles, raised nozzles, and silicone nozzles.

Flat type: Shower heads with flat nozzles are easy to install and minimalist pleasing. These nozzles are used in shower heads with flat surfaces. This provides extensive cleaning and will only need a soft cloth to remove residue buildup.

Raised type: It is used to produce powerful yet sleek downward showering. These are removable nozzle styles. Easy to drenched in vinegar or warm water to wipe away debris.

Silicone type: It is made of silicone instead of plastic or brass. They are not prone to clogging, so no need for high maintenance.

VOLI Capacity

As a trusted manufacturer, we are capable of producing custom shower heads with good quality constructions. We used our advanced and complete production machines, including 20 sets of injecting equipment, 4 sets of heavy production machines, and more. Thanks to our machine operation 24/7, enable us to produce 100,000 shower head pieces annually.

Using our advanced equipment, we can also supply custom high-end polish for each head. Its polish provides protection and attractive looks. VOLI consists of an experienced polish team who are skilled in the whole process. We offer polish including ORB, chrome, rose gold, gold, gold brush, white matte, and many more.

All shower head types have a 5-years warranty. We guarantee we can provide excellent quality shower heads according to your requirements.

Custom Precision Shower Heads for Different Industry


Custom shower head is an important shower system component. They are often used in the residential bathroom since they offer comfortable spray. It is also a water-saver and easy to install.


All shower heads add elegance and comfort to any hotel bathroom. They are corrosion-resistant and available in brushed nickel and chrome finish. It offers adjustability and comfort.


Many resorts industry uses our custom shower heads. They are placed outdoor or in bathroom spaces. It is simple to install and is good-looking for any space.


Our custom precision shower heads can be in chrome-plated or brushed nickel finish to fit healthcare bathroom fittings.


Different sizes, shapes, finishes, and nozzle styles of shower heads are available in the retail industry. All have precise designs and durability.

  • “VOLI is a great business partner in terms of custom shower heads. They deliver me the corrosion-resistant and versatile shower head according to my needs.”

  • “I received my bulk orders of shower heads safely and completely. They are great for my bathroom projects and relating business. We hope to have another transaction with you!”

  • “VOLI custom shower heads have great quality and are delivered safely. They have attractive polish, durable and aesthetic appearance. I will definitely choose your service again.”

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