Surface Finishing

The popular surface treatment used in sanitary ware products is: chrome, black matte, golden, rose golden, and paint (any color or picture ).
Normally the chrome surface is widely used in sanitary ware products, nowadays, more surface colors are adapted to suit different bathroom decorations.
Voli has many chrome factories as strong partners to offer us the professional treatment on a different surfaces,the most treatments voli produced are Black matte, nickel, Golden, and ORB.

Surface Finishing
manufacturing process

Manufacturing Process

Take the showerhead as an example, VOLI own more than 12 sets of the injection device to inject the raw shower body with ABS plastic,
Then after checking the process, the raw showe body will take to the chrome factory, and the chrome factory will check again before they hang on their chrome hanging gear.After chrome,the QC will check again before composing process , in the composed line there is a test water device, each product would be tested by this device, then at end of the production line the last QC process is clean the finished products before packing.

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