Faucet Manufacturer in China

VOLI is your leading faucet manufacturer in China. We produce all types of faucet products such as wall mount faucets, pull-down kitchen faucets, sink faucets, kitchen faucets with sprayers, sensor touchless faucets, etc.

  • High-quality materials
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable custom designs and finishes

VOLI Faucet Supplier

Faucets are functional devices that control or regulate the flow of liquid from a container or pipe. They are installed in kitchen sinks, hotel bathrooms, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, and more. It is important for the daily tasks of cooking, preparing food, sanitizing, and cleaning.

VOLI manufactures faucets that are thoughtfully designed to make daily tasks easier. This can bring style to your favorite locations. The faucet body is usually made of brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy, and more.

Faucet designed from stainless steel features excellent corrosion resistance, scratch-resistant with less maintenance. Brass faucets are durable with vintage colors. Our faucets provide ease of use and years of trouble-free operation.

VOLI is your one-stop shop solution for a wide range of kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets in China. Our company provides the highest quality faucets ideal for various applications. You can choose faucets in custom designs, materials, handles faucet finishes, color, etc.

We can provide faucet drawings and recommend specific products for your needs. But, if you have your own faucet design and searching for a professional faucet factory for bulk production, VOLI got your back! We provide free samples for you to check the quality.

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VOLI Custom Faucet Product

Pull Down Faucet

Pull Down Faucet allows for greater control. It has a pull-down feature down straight into the sink. It has ergonomic design in durable stainless steel material.

Pull-Out Faucet

Get a heavy-duty sturdy design pull-out faucet from VOLI. It has a durable finish with a smart modern handle. Experience drip-free durability performance faucet, resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnish.

Single-Handle Faucet

Single-Handle Faucet has a single top lever handle design. It is used to control warm or cool water temperature and flow volume easily. It is easy to clean and install.

Dual-Handle Faucet

Dual-Handle Faucet has different levers for warm and cool water. It is designed with 360 degrees high arc style swivels, or custom design for easy, high-strength use during everyday tasks.

Commercial Style Faucet

Manufactured flexible and functional. It has a heavy-duty open coil spring spout for an industrial modern appearance. This is usually placed in professional kitchens.

Pot Filler Faucet

Durable and stable wall-mounted pot filler faucets can be made from brass or stainless steel. It has high-quality surface that guarantees to remain new even use for a long-time.

VOLI Faucet Types (5)

  • Kitchen Sink Faucet

    Kitchen Sink Faucet can be made from stainless steel, brass, and zinc alloy materials. VOLI design different types of kitchen sink faucets such as kitchen sink faucets, pull-out kitchen faucet, touchless kitchen faucet, etc.

  • Automatic Sensor Faucets

    Automatic Sensor Faucets A motion sensor faucet found in places that reduce the transmission of disease-causing microbes and save water is a must such as airports, hospitals, hotels, commercial kitchens, etc.

  • Bathroom Faucet

    VOLI design 1-3 holes bathroom faucet, single handle bathroom faucet, wall-mounted bathtub faucets, etc. Available in various colors such as matte black, silver, white, and custom colors.

  • Bathtub Faucets

    Bathtub Faucets have a modern style and reliable function. It has no leaking features, designed from highly durable material. VOLI can manufacture wall or deck-mounted bathtub faucets.

  • Foot Pedal Faucet

    Equipped with a foot pedal valve. This product allows you to turn the water on and off with a foot lever. It offers excellent efficient water use, hygiene, and easy to use.

VOLI Kitchen Faucet Model (6)

  • Custom Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

    Avail freshly modern and value-driven kitchen faucets in custom measurement. It is made with a flexible 360-degree swivel spout. Finish with chrome treatment to provide scratch and tarnish-resistant surfaces.

  • Luxury Kitchen Faucet with Filter Water Spout

    The luxury kitchen faucet features a filter 2 dual-function spouts, an aerated stream spout, and an extremely powerful cleaning rinse pull-out sprayer. Finished with corrosion & rust-resistant brushed nickel treatment.

  • Pull Down Silicon Kitchen Faucet Wholesales

    Made from high-grade solid brass. Thus, it is corrosion-resistant and resists mineral buildup and tarnishing. Feature dual-function spout, sprayer with a nylon braided extendable 130cm hose, and powerful stream aerated flow. Great for any cooking or cleaning application.

  • Custom High-End Kitchen Faucet

    Custom high-end kitchen faucet with 360° spout swivels for added flexibility. It has a single-handle faucet with a streamlined design. Made from high-quality parts guarantee long-lasting value and superior performance.

  • Solid Brass Luxury Kitchen Faucet

    Single handle faucet is ideal for any stylish modern kitchen. It offers effortless top mount installation, and a durable, drip-free Kerox ceramic cartridge. Designed with an aerator that lessens water waste without sacrificing pressure.

  • 360 Rotation Kitchen Faucet

    360 Rotation Kitchen Faucet for superior flexibility. This product has an innovative feature that allows you to install it from above the kitchen counter easily. It is a reliable fixture that promotes water efficiency and sustainability.

Faucet Feature Box

Unique Design Faucets
Unique Designs

VOLI designed modern faucets that are more convenient to use to save water and energy. It includes electronic faucets, automatic sensor faucets, etc.

Durable Finish
Durable Finish

If you are seeking a good balance of durability and style, VOLI faucets are the perfect product for your business. It is long-lasting and beautiful.

Wide Custom Options
Wide Custom Options

Choose the design and styles from a wide range of versatile materials VOLI offers. We offer different surface treatments like polishing, brushing, satin, etc.


In China, we have advanced factory with sophisticated machines, thus, our faucet products are factory direct price and more economical than other company.

Custom Faucet Materials

VOLI works with different materials for quality sink and bathroom faucets. These materials varied in features and advantages such as resistance to soft-water corrosion and hard-water calcification. It is suitable for a wide range of applications. Choose the right faucet material to fit your applications or projects. Below are the durable materials we used:

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Zinc Alloy
Faucet Materials
Different Types of Faucets

VOLI Custom Faucet Designs

Every client can fully customize faucet products. It can be designed with single or two easy-to-use handles in various colors and finishes. You can request 1-4 custom faucet holes or custom holes in deck mounted and wall-mounted installations. The faucet parts are carefully designed such as water inlets, mixing chamber, aerator, cartridge, handle, lift rod, and spout.

You can provide your design and brand logo to promote your business. Whether it’s contemporary, traditional, or transitional, VOLI is your leading supplier that can provide premium quality faucets with different configurations to address your business needs. No matter what your preference, you’ll find just the style you’re looking for here.

Custom Faucet Production

The manufacturing method of faucets is highly automated. In forming body and shape faucets into the required size and dimensions, we use computer-controlled machines for improving productivity and efficiency. After machining, the components undergo the finishing process. It is coated with various surface treatments to provide the most resistance against corrosion and an amazing appearance. This may include polishing, brushing, polymer coating, etc.

Finally, the parts are sent for final assembly which takes place on rotary assembly machines. It normally takes 25-30 days of production. If you have urgent orders, we can treat your order in a special production to keep the finish on time.

Faucet Production

Why Choose VOLI Custom Faucet

Faucets Manufacturer

VOLI has rich experience in faucet production and sales. We have a wide factory in China, allows us to provide cost-effective products and services. In every production process, we follow strict quality control and inspection to guarantee 100% defect-free and high-performance faucets product. This product has a 10+ year warranty.

Using high-end inject machines that work 24/7, we can produce 100,000pcs of faucets weekly. With professional engineers and technicians, we can produce faucets with outstanding flexibility and convenience. These are easy to install and easy to clean and maintain.

We offer a one-stop custom faucet manufacturing service from initial design until the packaging and customer support. As of now, more than 20 countries trust our products and services. So, what are you waiting for? Be one of our satisfied customers and build a long-term relationship with us.

For your custom faucet need in China, you can tell us and we will create your idea into reality. Please feel free to message us.

Types of Faucets

VOLI provides different types of finishes options, depending on the material used in making faucets. These coatings bring an aesthetic and adorable appearance to the product. Moreover, it provides more corrosion resistance, durability, and low maintenance. Some are the following:

  • Stainless Steel – brushed, polished, matte
  • Bronze – polished, oil-rubbed, brushed
  • Brass – burnished, brushed, satin, polished, antique,
  • Nickel – satin, polished, brushed
Faucets Quality Control

You can rely on VOLI faucet fabrication. We have several meticulous production processes following strict requirements and standards. Our range of faucet products is compliant with NSF Certification, WARS, KTW, UPC, ACS, and more. If you have specific certification needs, you can tell us so that we can cooperate.

We provide sampling inspection to inspect the casting and thread surface, spool sealing test, appearance quality, faucet sealing performance test, and assembly. Other inspection processes include tolerance inspection, casting inspection, electroplating inspection, surface inspection, finished product inspection, etc.

OEM and ODM Faucets for Various Applications

VOLI  provides all types of faucets for hotel needs. You can suggest the best design, materials, sizes, colors, and finishes for your faucet product. Our faucet products can be designed sleek, chic, opulent, etc. It is ideal for high-profile hotel projects. We’d like to work with you on your next hotel project.

Faucet for Hospital

Our broad range of hospital faucets is manufactured to fit various needs. VOLI designed faucets that ensure the greatest mobility, enhance hygiene, ease of use, and improved safety. Whether it’s for assisted living facilities, clinics, or daycare centers, VOLI can provide you with specific faucet products.


Faucet for Commercial Kitchen

You can trust VOLI in enhancing your kitchen décor, by using commercial kitchen faucets. It is durable with rugged construction and  ADA compliance. These are ideal for high-end restaurant kitchens, or any workplace.

Faucet for Airports

Whether it is a public washroom in an airport, a commercial washroom, or an office building, the VOLI faucet is your perfect choice. We designed it with great user-friendliness and hygiene-friendliness. It has an excellent contribution to water conservation.

Faucet for Shopping Malls

VOLI specializes in producing elegant, ergonomic, and modern design faucets for shopping malls, sports facilities, entertainment centers, etc. Whether it’s for hot or cold water, VOLI supplies a range of advanced design faucet selections you can choose from.

Faucet Manufacturer in China
Leading Faucet Supplier in China

25+ years of manufacturing experience. Rigorous production, strict quality control, 100% guarantee products, and services. VOLI supports mass production and low-volume manufacturing. Low MOQ 100 pcs. Get the right products to promote your business. Message us today!

  • “VOLI never disappoints my expectations. They provide the best faucets with a modern design, advanced features, and stylish and functional. VOLI custom services satisfy my needs.”

  • “A wide range of different styles and finishes of faucets are here in VOLI. They help me find a suitable faucet for my growing business. Faucets are obviously made from high-end materials.  We will definitely buy again.”

  • “VOLI satisfies my faucet requirements. I received my orders on time with excellent packaging.  Faucets are all thoughtfully developed to make daily tasks easier. It surely brings style into your favorite areas. Latest faucet styles at a cost-effective rate are here!”

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