Shower Faucet Manufacturer

VOLI manufactures shower faucets that are used for baths. It has custom designs that would meet your desires.

  • Made of brass and other metals
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Unique designs

VOLI Shower Faucet

A shower faucet is also called a shower head that is used to control temperature and flow. It has different sizes and the most common is around 3 inches or 7.62 cm. Our custom shower faucets are available in different finishes including chrome, gold, rose gold, white matte, ORB, gold brush, nickel brush and gun metal. These finishes can keep the exterior enhanced for a long period.

VOLI manufactures shower faucets from metal, brass, and plastic materials. We can assure that these materials are of good quality and make the faucet last long.

Furthermore, shower faucets are composed of a spout, handle, lift rod, aerator, water inlets and mixing chamber. When the handle is switched on, the valve manages the adjustment of water flow under any water or temperature condition.

VOLI is your trusted shower faucet manufacturer. Every shower faucet we create is perfect for home and condominium bathrooms. We always prioritize high-strength custom faucets. Please contact or email us!

Shower Faucet Series

Outdoor Shower Faucet

Commonly installed beside resort swimming pools. They have simple styles with a single handle.

Portable Shower Faucets

This type of shower is very handy, and lightweight at the same time. It is designed to be easily brought everywhere. Using an engine or a pump system, this shower will work.

Wall Mounted Faucets

Composed of two types of shower faucets. A faucet that is fixed installed to the wall, and a handheld faucet.

Rainshower Faucets

It is installed near the ceiling. When turned on, the water flows all over the head.

Waterfall Shower Faucets

When the handle is turned on, this type of faucet provides plenty of water that will scatter around. Like a real waterfall, using this type of shower is satisfying.


 Designed with pre-setting buttons to pre-set the desirable water temperature.

Shower Faucet By Materials (3)

Shower Faucet By Color (3)

  • Matte Black

    All shower faucets with matte black finish are simple to control temperature. They are simple to install and replace as well.

  • Silver

    Silver finish shower faucets have flexible handheld faucets. They are mostly lightweight as well and easy to hold.

  • Gold Shower Faucet

    Shower faucets in gold finish are easy to use and have adjustable water pressure.

Shower Faucet Advantages

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Custom shower faucet is made of lightweight materials making it easier to install. Most importantly, it is good quality and long lasting.

Corrosion Resistant
Corrosion Resistant

To prevent corrosion or rust, VOLI provides an anti-corrosive feature in the shower faucet process.


Custom shower faucets only need less maintenance. They are made from sustainable materials like brass and metal.

Low Cost
Low Cost

All showers faucets with different specifications are offered affordably. They are preferred mostly in the shower industry.

Quality Guarantee

VOLI doesn’t only provide beautiful product finishes or accurate customize faucets, but we also offer a reliable and outstanding quality of every shower faucet we make. We process our shower faucets using great materials.

Every material that the shower faucets are made of is strong which ensures high-quality performance and structure. Also, the materials have excellent corrosion resistance, reason why our shower faucets don’t rust. VOLI manufactures the product with unique standard thickness and with a nice appearance at the same time that would meet your business requirements.

Shower Faucet
Shower Faucet

Finishing Options

  • Chrome- This finish is easy to maintain and simple to find. It also suits well with all home styles.
  • Rose Gold- It provides a luxurious finish. With a lacquer coat, nickel brush won’t tarnish over time.
  • Nickel Brush– A warm-looking finish and more appealing. Its warm color works well with slate, marble, or granite made countertops.
  • Gold Brush– Looks great for modern and vintage bathrooms. Its golden finish is bright and shiny.
  • ORB– This finish is very dark and perfect for traditional bathrooms.

Material Choices

There are multiple materials we used in creating shower faucets body. These materials differ based on their advantages and features. They may have corrosion resistance, maximum durability, and excellent polished finish. All are made to fit modern or traditional shower rooms. We list below some of the great materials we used:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Zinc alloy
  • Satin bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome

About VOLI Capabilities

VOLI Capabilities
VOLI Capabilities

Over 20 years, VOLI has been an expert in manufacturing custom shower faucets. With our wide experience, we guarantee that every faucet design we offer is exactly based on your specific requirements.

Along with our engineering team, VOLI follows strict quality control and inspection when processing custom shower faucets. However, when it comes to polishing procedures, we promise good outcomes to exceed your satisfaction.

For your shower-related business, choose VOLI! We can provide your faucet orders on time. Contact us now.

VOLI: Shower Faucet Supplier in China

Advantages & Features

Regardless of design, bath faucets distribute water across the single slit. Its size, slit grid formations, and further unique features decide how water disseminates. We made a complete line of shower faucets with features such as:

  •       Adjustable volume settings
  •       No handle design
  •       Detached handle and shower trim
  •       Improved touch off and on controls
  •       Noiseless shower operation
  •       Controllable normal to high water pressure
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The shower faucet production process is very innovative and high-tech. During the forming process, we can design accurate dimensions and sizes for the faucet body. Our factory in China is composed of computer-operated machines for improving efficiency and productivity. After the designing to forming procedure, the next step is the surface treatment process. Each faucet is coated according to your coating requirements. Brushing, polishing, and polished nickel are included options. It plays a big role in protecting the faucet against rust and corrosions. 

Lastly, we finalized shower faucet using rotary production machines. The entire process could take an estimation of 25-30 days.

More Custom Shower Faucets Designs

Pressure Balance

This faucet has a fashionable style and classic charm. We used constructed well materials to stay durable for years.

Town Square

 This square-type faucet is water-saving. At the same time, the faucet won’t clog and the nozzle is easy to clean.


Its water flow pattern is changeable. With a simple touch of its button, you can choose the water pattern you adore.

  • “Our company is very satisfied with VOLI shower faucets. The faucets we receive are exactly what we need. We are very thankful.”

  • “I’ve checked the quality of shower faucets I received, and I could say VOLI has the best selection. All of my orders are secured and shipped completely. These are perfect for my business.” 

  • “We’re very satisfied with the shower faucets we order here in VOLI. All have a shiny and durable finish, perfect for my upcoming shower construction projects.”

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