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VOLI is a professional manufacturer that provides custom PVC shower hoses. We design PVC shower hoses suitable for any type of shower bathroom.

  •    Made from non-toxic PVC materials
  •    High tensile polyester fiber
  •    Long working life
  •    Flexible and durable

VOLI PVC Shower Hose Supplier

PVC Shower Hose is used for water fluids feeds or spray systems. It is a special accessory for toilet fitting and shower bath. PVC Shower Hose also known as PVC bathroom hose or bath shower hose etc. Designed for sanitary ware and showers, PVC hoses are easy to maintain and very hygienic. 

VOLI manufactures shower hoses in high quality PVC materials. It can be custom in various colors such as blue, white, silver, gold, etc. These hoses are good resistance adaptable to high tensile strength. It can be utilized for both cold and hot water. The flexibility of PVC hoses are similar to rubber but with much longer life. It is convenient to use and exchange.

As your professional manufacturer in China, we can provide customized PVC shower hoses for different applications such as home use, hospital use, hotels, etc. You can request custom thickness and lengths for your specific projects. It is available in 1.25m, 1.75m or 2m, or even longer hoses to suit your needs.

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PVC Shower Hose Product Series

White PVC Shower Hose

Custom gun PVC shower hoses can be designed with 5–7 layers PVC that improve anti-skid anti-explosive performance. It is lightweight and flexible, compatible with any types of toilet bidet sprayer and shower-head.

PVC Golden Foil Reinforced Shower Hose

PVC golden foil reinforced shower hose has screw-in installation process, 62inch hose length and 30 bar water pressure. Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly material. Available in custom sizes like 63”, 99’’, 138’’ to choose from.

Custom Black Matte PVC Shower Hose

Custom black matte PVC Shower hose features anti-bacterial, anti-explosion, and anti-abrasion. It has a smooth surface which is super easy to clean and maintain. Suitable for toilet cleaning, bathing, cleaning baby diapers, etc.  

PVC Satin Shower Hose

Satin PVC shower hose is a high-quality and practical shower hose with high thickness and durability. It provides better sealing performance and less leakage. This has custom length which delivers real flexibility and convenient washing experience.

Reinforced PVC Spiral Shower Hose

Reinforced PVC spiral shower hose has anti winding features. Due to its freely rotated sprinkler connection, it is convenient to use and install. This prevents the hose from knotting and tangling.

Customized Shower Hose with SprayHead

Shower hose with spray head is available in short, long, extra-long shower hose length that can be fit in all standard shower plumbing. It has chrome-finished – makes the hose beautiful to look at.

PVC Shower Hose by Length (3)

  • 63” Smooth White PVC Handheld Shower Head Hose

    The 63” Smooth White PVC Handheld Shower Head Hose is made of high quality PVC outer tube with A-grade forged brass. It offers high temperature resistance, high-flexibility and durability.  

  • 71” (6 Feet) Smooth Shower Head Hose

    The 71” (6 Feet) Smooth Shower Head Hose has flexible extra-long handheld shower hose extension. It is equipped with rubber gaskets to ensure durability and no leakage. This also has an anti-winding type connecting nut, and built-in rotary joint prevents the hose from twisting.

  • 59” Explosion-Proof Shower

    The 59” Explosion-Proof Shower is a non-toxic PVC hose with brass connectors for handheld showerheads. It is easy to install, with a fashionable appearance. The nuts on both sides of the shower nozzle hose allow you to rotate 360 degrees. This has good ductility and is free from kinks.

PVC Shower Hose by Color (3)

  • PVC Silver Shower Hose

    Silver Gray PVC Shower Hose is made from premium quality materials, highly durable and non-toxic material inner pipe. It is environmentally friendly and passes the NSF non-toxic test. It ensures a perfect match to most hand shower users.

  • White PVC Shower Hose

    White PVC Shower Hose is made of superior quality PVC materials, for high pressure and temperature resistance. The hose materials have a smooth surface. It is easy to clean and will not scratch any object around.

  • PVC Black Shower Hose

    The Black Premium PVC Handheld Shower Hose offers high water pressure burst resistance, leak proof and no winding. Multifunctional shower head hose ideal not only for bathing but also for cleaning the toilet, pet bathing etc.

VOLI PVC Shower Hose Advantages

Flexible materials
Flexible materials

PVC shower hose is made of very lightweight, solid brass spin inner core materials which offer flexibility, no doubling or winding features.

High strength
High strength

Our range of PVC shower hoses are strictly tested to assure high quality performance. It can be used for a long period of time.

Corrosion resistant
Corrosion resistant

PVC material is corrosion resistant, ideal for making shower hoses. It will not rust and stay in pipes even after years of liquid handling.

Low Cost

VOLI PVC shower hose is affordable, yet good quality merchandise. Many designs to choose from.

Different Types of PVC Shower Hose

VOLI is your professional manufacturer that provides all types of PVC shower hoses in China. With our unique R&D team, PVC shower hoses are rigorously made in every specific detail you provide. These products can meet the different needs of customers. It varies in custom designs, lengths, thicknesses, color and finishes. Some are the following types of PVC shower hose:

  •   Custom gun metal PVC shower hose
  •   PVC golden foil reinforced shower hose
  •   Custom black matte PVC shower hose
  •   Satin PVC hose wholesale
  •   Reinforced PVC spiral shower hose
different types of pvc shower hoses
pvc shower hose materials

PVC Shower Hose Materials

PVC plastics are strong and flexible material ideal for manufacturing shower hoses. It offers excellent dust and corrosion resistance, waterproof and wears resistance. This has a high impact strength and comes with custom connections to fit most shower handsets and outlets.

PVC shower hoses can operate under high pressure and temperature situations. These are reusable and used over and over again. In VOLI, you can receive custom PVC shower hoses in lightweight and portable features. It is convenient to transport, move and carry.   

PVC Shower Hose Features

VOLI PVC shower hoses offer various features and advantages. It has excellent designs, enjoyable for everyday use. Economically designed yet with technological capabilities to ensure satisfaction. VOLI can provide custom design according to your requirements. Some are the following features you can benefit with this product;

  •  Adjustable PVC shower hose
  • Customizable
  • Easy Installation
  • Leak proof
pvc shower hose easy installation

Why Choose VOLI to Custom PVC Shower Hose

customized pvc shower hose
customized pvc shower hose

VOLI has been specialized in flexible hoses production for more than 25 years. Our bathroom showers were approved by trusted partner companies like Grohe, ToTo, Arrow, Lidl, etc. We are dedicated to providing superior shower hoses and good quality services.

Our series of shower hoses are competitively priced but do not compromise the quality. It delivers excellent durability and sustainability, suitable for any applications such as in home bathroom, hotel, industrial use, etc. 

We can help you in the entire PVC shower hose processes. From choosing the right raw material, customization, production, packaging and delivery. Using advanced manufacturing lines, we can accurately create shower hose for your requirements. We use sophisticated CNC precision machines, injection machines, test processes, and more.

VOLI can be your long term business partner to skyrocket your business. Cooperate with us today!

Skyrocket Your Business with VOLI PVC Shower Hose

customized pvc shower hose

Our experienced and professional team can help you customize your hose and coupling. You can choose whether you want a short, long or extra-long smooth handled shower, provide your preferred color, material, designs, and finishes, etc.  

Along with that, we can also customize the logo on the surface of your shower hose to boom your business. We can create PVC shower hoses   with durability that you’ll love. 

different types of pvc shower hose

As for PVC Shower Hose designs, color and style we have many options to choose from. Modern styles, classic etch, regardless of requirement’s need. Other features of PVC Shower Hose include 71 inches extra-long shower hose flexible you can move freely in washing hair, cleaning and rinsing the bathtub. 

 Also suitable for pet cleaning. Amazingly limitless option for your satisfaction. So please send us your request and suggestions, we are happy to help.

PVC Shower Hose Applications

Hose for Bathing

When it comes to your bathing shower hose, VOLI offers a wide range of shower hoses made from durable and high-strength PVC material. It guarantees a better protection performance, long-lasting and reusable shower hose. A high-end shower hoses to adorn your bathroom.

Toilet Cleaning

Whether you need simple, elegant or cost-effective toilet cleaning PVC hose, you can find it in VOLI. Our high-quality molding process and advanced manufacturing equipment allow us to produce leak-proof, high flexibility and durable shower hose products.

Cleaning Baby Diapers

VOLI PVC shower hoses are compatible with the most tub faucet, shower head, and bidet sprayer you require. It can be used for easy cleaning baby diapers. These are harmless and sustainable, hard-wearing and robust.

Hotel PVC Shower Hose

Upgrade your current hotel hose with a VOLI PVC shower hose. These are rigorously processed, checked and inspected before shipping to your area. It is suitable with any hand shower and is made of an extra-flexible PVC material for a greater reach and convenience. 

Hotel PVC Shower Hose

PVC flexible hose for bidet sprinkler spray is made from rigid PVC for reliable leak-free connection and longevity. It is accessible in various finishes, designs, colors such as white, black, silver, etc. Get this product in excellent customization and technical specifications here.

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